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Everything you need to know about the Samsung S20 Models

Samsung seems to have skipped a few numbers this year, and went from S10 to S20 in warp speed. If you’re not exactly sure what the latest models entail, here is a quick breakdown:

Galaxy S20

Roughly costing $999.99, the Galaxy S20 is a very affordable option considering the bells and whistles it brings to the table. If one is a fan of taking high-quality pictures, this might be the phone for you. The Galazy S20 has 30X Space Zoom range. The picture quality captures immense deatil with this facet. It also involves a high-resolution telephoto sensor and a tremendous camera setup.

The video capabilities are also quite special. This phone can record 8K video (unlike most phones which offers 4K footage). It has a number of features (such as Single Take — an A.I. application) to enhance the recording process even further. Lastly, the RAM available in this phone can exceed many laptops on the market. When further mentioning that this phone is waterproof, there’s a ton to like about the Galaxy S20.

Galaxy S20+

If one researches the online marketplace, you’ll see the Samsung Galaxy S20+ for as cheap as $699.99. Much like the S20, the S20+ has Single Take A.I., 8K video capabilities, and a waterproof build.

Additionally, the phone also possesses 5G capabilities. It also prides itself on being a phone with long-lasting battery life. The phone comes in Cosmic Black, Cosmic Gray, Cloud Blue, and Aura Blue.

S20 Ultra

The S20 Ultra is widely considered to be the most impressive Samsung smartphone when it comes to sheer size. It has the biggest screen of any Samsung smart phone (6.9-inch display). Duly, it has all of the camera capabilities of the S20 and S20+ — only enhanced further with a 10X telephoto snapper, 100X Super Resolution Zoom, 12 MP ultra-wide, and 108 MP.

Duly, the S20 Ultra has built-in stereo speakers, waterproof capabilities, and up to 512 GB of expendable storage. In a word, wow.

Image Source: Samsung

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