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Food delivery has never been easier with these options

Food is great, and most often than not, it tastes way better when it’s been cooked by someone else. As a student I practically lived off takeaways and food deliveries; so much so that I like to think that at the end of my years of studying the food delivery people saw me as part of the family.

These days, it’s even easier to treat yourself with fast food and takeaways thanks to the growth of food delivery apps! So if you’re anything like me and are partial to a few sweet and sour chicken balls now and again, I’ve rounded up the best places with the top delivery apps to bag those deals for you like a true food hero.


This app was never far from my fingertips when I was at college, and if you love pizza this one is a must-have for you. The Domino’s app is basically a little Domino’s store right in your pocket! You can browse through all the amazing special offers and deals (and there’s a lot) at a moments notice. Better yet, you can track the order and even split the bill with friends using PayPal Bill Share – so no more arguing!


Who knew Uber could do more than just transport you around the city – the brand also owns UberEats, so not only can they deliver you place to place, they can now deliver food too! The UberEats app offers you hundreds of restaurants to choose from, with only a small fee of $5 for delivery. Better yet, you can track your order in the app, but unlike dominos- who stop at leaving the store- with UberEats you can track the driver’s journey all the way to your door!


The Seamless app is, well, pretty seamless! At the tap of your fingertips, you can browse through hundreds of restaurants near you to order the perfect date night food in the comfort of your own home. The app offers exclusive offers and in-app discounts on your favorite places. Better yet, you can get $10 off your first order with no delivery charge!


The GrubHub app is great for people, like me, who are frequent users of food delivery apps and don’t tend to sway away from their typical food order. Not only can you browse through a list of great restaurants and takeaways at the click of a button, you can also save your previous order history for the next time you order! Better yet, you can place your order from two hours to four days in advance so you’ll never be short from that pizza hit.


For those who want a little more from their food delivery service, Postmates can offer you more than just food! They promise to pick up almost anything from anywhere and deliver it straight to your door; from food to drinks (even alcoholic ones) and groceries, this app is a blessing in disguise. So whether you feel like having a Gin night or you’ve run out of eggs – Postmates have got your back.

I don’t know about you, but this has made me extremely hungry.

Image Source: Pitchbook

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