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Where to apply for an educational grant

When most people are considering paying for their education they simply think about student loans.

The second most popular option would be scholarships. There is a third option that many people forget that is perhaps better than the others. These are educational grants. Educational grants are great because you do not need to pay them back. Also, the majority of grants are awarded based upon the need instead of merit.

Where To Apply For Grants?

One of the biggest reasons why people do not look for grants more is they are simply unaware of where to apply for them at. The best way is to find out the grants that you are looking to apply for and then search for it online. The other option is to go through the federal government’s student aid portal or contact your state’s Department of Education.

Federal Grants
There are several federal grant programs that are available to assist students. Here are a few of the most popular programs.

Pell grants
This is the largest and most well-funded source for federal grants. The only qualification is your financial need as determined by the application you submitted through the FASFA program. You can be awarded up to a certain dollar amount per year based upon the need for a certain number of years.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants
This is a needs-based program designed to support individuals that need substantial financial contributions to make it through their undergraduate years.

TEACH Grants
This is a grant program designed to give aid to students that sign contracts agreeing to teach at either an elementary or secondary school in a low-income area.

National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent (SMART) Grant
This is a grant program that is only available to college students in their junior or senior years. The qualifications are a combination of both merit and need-based qualifications.

Academic Competitiveness Grant
This grant is only available for college freshmen and sophomore students. The qualifications are a combination of need and merit. Apply through the federal student aid portal.

University Grants
You can create a CSS profile through the college board organization to see if your school has any private grants available. This portal will also give you access to a large number of other grants that you could qualify for as well.

State Educational Grant
Most states have a couple of grants that are available to students if you contact the Department of Education. The qualifications will vary by state as will the amounts that the grants are for. It is a great source of funds for students that can find a grant that they are qualified for, however.

Specialty Educational Grant
There are several other grant programs that are funded through either the government or private organizations designed to help students from specific groups of individuals. For example, there are grant programs designed for minorities, disabled individuals, Native American individuals, and women. You will need to look for these a little bit harder to find but they could give you a significant boost in your financial aid quest.

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