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Rebecca Taylor Dress

Want to look your best this summer? It’s never been easier thanks to Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor and its partner line of clothing ‘La Vie’ are the new fashion statements of 2020. The Rebecca Taylor product line is known for being chique, sexy, and made of high quality material. The company recently launched its subscription service ‘RNTD’ for women wanting to look good, without the worry of shopping around to find the right dress.

About the RNTD Subscription

The ‘RNTD’ subscription service gives you all access to the beautiful Rebecca Taylor looks for a monthly fee of $159. The service allows you to rent up to four items at a time from their selection of fashionable and very current styles. If you haven’t shopped from Rebecca Taylor before, their clothing can be a bit pricey, ranging anywhere from $200 – $400 for blouses and jeans, while dresses running upwards to $600.

What makes the subscription service great is that you get to try out Rebecca Taylor styles from the current season without making a commitment of purchasing the apparel. This means you can wear a dress once or twice for that season, then return it for something else for the season! This way you save money in the long run since most folks will only wear a dress a handful of times.

Pros and Cons of the RNTD Subscription

From what we’ve mentioned above, here are the Pros of the ‘RNTD’ subscription service with a couple additions:

  • Being able to try brand new seasonal outfits
  • The quality of material for their clothing is phenomenal
  • Not having to commit to expensive costs of purchasing a single item
  • Wearing something that looks great once or twice then returning it
  • Being excited and surprised for every new shipment
  • Be able to prioritize styles of your liking for the next shipment

While it all sounds great in principle, the ‘RNTD’ subscription service also has some Cons which we believe they could improve on. Here’s what we’ve found:

  • $159 per month is on the high end for a clothing subscription service
  • While you’re able to prioritize styles, you’re not able to choose the exact piece of clothing
  • Some clothing styles might not be your type
  • You can end up with a random assortment of pieces rather than a full outfit
  • Some popular sizes are often low in stock
  • The clothing pool is slightly smaller on the ‘RNTD’ service than what you’re able to purchase directly on the Rebecca Taylor website

In Conclusion

The Rebecca Taylor ‘RNTD’ subscription service is definitely a great concept overall. With a few slight tweaks, it might be the future of clothing as we know it. When it comes to fashion, there’s always a cycle with trends going out of style quickly, and the service lets you refresh your look every season without spending a ton. In the end, this service might be exactly what you’re looking for!

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