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Landlords are struggling to fill apartment rental vacancies

Landlords and renters all face similar problems. It’s hard for renters to find the perfect house for themselves, while landlords with great houses still have them vacant.

Solutions to finding rental properties quickly

The great thing is with technology is that it’s much easier to find the best apartment rentals. However, landlords who haven’t posted their properties online might struggle with filling the rental vacancies. It’s hard but not impossible to find a rental house that fits your budget. The main thing is to know who to talk to and where to search. Technology has made everything easier, and you simply need to look online.

Landlords are posting their properties online, so it’s easier for you to find the best deals. Research shows that by 2016, more than 36.6% of houses in the United States were occupied by renters. At the same time, 65% of millennials were renting apartments. This shows there are many renters; therefore, there are many affordable properties that are great. The following options will make it easier for you to find your preferred property. If you’re a landlord as well, you can post on the best online platforms to market your property.

This is a very popular website that has a variety of rental apartment listings. However, it mostly features large apartment complexes. If you’re looking for a townhouse or a single-family home, they’re also available at There are many filters on the site to help you choose properties that fit your needs faster. It features categories such as income-restricted, military, among others. You’ll be able to view transit lines, local campus, as well as neighborhood boundaries while you search through the overlay system it comes with. However, neighborhood details are limited, but the map shows specific apartment complexes that are vacant. The map enables you to indicate your preferred amenities and borders. There are great deals available as well as incentives if you rent a place via the website.


This is a great platform to find low-cost properties. A large number of renters start their search on Craigslist or Zillow. Some landlords are renting properties, several large apartment complexes, and private homeowners who are renting a part of their house. In the United States, Craigslist is considered to be the largest exchange of real-time information in the rental-housing market. This is because it’s free for homeowners and landlords to list their rentals. They also aren’t charged to take down their listings when their rental properties are unavailable. This means you might find outdated listings. However, the good thing is that you can choose from listings posted on the day you’re searching. Below are some tips you can use to find properties on Craigslist effortlessly:

● Bookmark your preferred favorite pages
● If an area is 90 minutes away from your workplace, then eliminate it
● Create a spreadsheet that has everything you’ll be considering when choosing a property
● Look at properties every day until you find what you need and respond immediately


Yet another site that gives you a comprehensive list of
houses and apartments listings for different parts of the United States. It contains a variety of unique features and a wide variety of information. You can search for senior housing, corporate houses, sublets, rooms to let, and the military. The listings contain a lot of pictures to give you a better visual representation of the property. Another unique feature the site has is that it lets you use keywords to look for neighborhoods and amenities. The individual units, apartment complexes, and communities have over 90,000 reviews and ratings.

Visit the desired areas and have a look around

It’s always better if you go to the place and have a look at it yourself. The internet is great but seeing it for yourself is better. When you visit the area you want to move to, look at bulletin boards for notices in local groceries and small businesses. You can also make a stop at leasing offices. Doing that might get you a waived fee or even a free month’s rent. Look at reviews and if you see other tenants around the place, try to talk to them to learn more. It’s good to sit and observe people in different locations. Go to the local café and have some coffee, while seated there, eavesdrop to know what goes on there. Try to imagine yourself living there, with that you’ll be able to pick out all the best things and bad things about the neighborhood.

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