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Why Mattress prices are coming down during the pandemic

The whole world is ramping up efforts to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The virus has had a dreadful impact on everyone’s lives. Businesses have especially been hit hard. The mattress industry is no exception as it also has been strongly impacted.

In order to contain the virus, measures have been taken. Shops are being closed to reduce social interaction, and people stay home practicing all the necessary precautions. This has affected a lot of businesses and the sales they normally make from walk-in customers. Such effects have hit the mattress industry hard. Due to the situation, many retailers are reducing mattresses’ prices just to try and survive. This is being done in an effort to attract more customers and sell more products despite the challenging case brought about by the pandemic.

Currently, there are some fantastic mattress deals from manufacturers. They are deals you can’t afford to miss out on if you need a mattress or you know someone who does. Most people tend to think that to get a comfortable bed; then they have to spend a lot. If you’re one of those people, you need to change that mindset. Some were expensive before the pandemic, but manufacturers still care about their clients, and they’ve made them much more affordable. However, most of the deals are limited to a short period of time. Therefore it’s vital to get something you like before the deals are gone. The following are some excellent top brands that have discounted prices.


If you’re a lover of high-quality spring mattresses, then this is the company for you. This company is one of those that has great discounts on their site. They have a big sale with many great deals starting from as low as $799. Apart from the amazingly low prices, the comfort you get from the mattresses is also outstanding. When you buy their queen-size model, it comes with a cushy pillow-top layer, and beneath the layer lies a strong layer of springs. You also get a 120 night trial period; hence you can be able to know whether you’re satisfied with it or not. You’ll be offered a pickup service if you aren’t satisfied and you want to return it. If you’re military personnel, you enjoy an extra $50 discount for the military discount. Another option is six-month financing without interest.


When it comes to online shopping, Purple is one of the best mattress brands to choose from. They have some of the most creative marketing techniques to make more sales. The features the mattresses come with are definitely worth marketing. In order to give you the best sleeping experience, the mattresses are made with gridded silicone. There are layers of foam on the base to ensure you don’t get any discomfort or back pains. The mattresses are quite affordable, and you also get free gifts worth up to $337, such as bed sheets and cushions. Every time you purchase a new Purple mattress, you get a free sleeping mask. To get the deals, go to coupon sites or Facebook.


This particular brand offers you a variety of three different mattresses that have different prices. Their top-selling one is the queen-size bed mattress that retails at only $595. For that price, it does have a lot of great features. The mattress has layers of foam to ensure you don’t get any back pains and discomfort as you sleep. Casper usually has regular discounts that they give through coupon codes. Despite the very low prices, you get great deals with the coupons as well. You get a money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the mattress you purchase from them. If the mattress is returned within 100 nights, they take care of the pickup and donation.


Over the years, Serta has developed an excellent reputation with its mattresses. It’s an old company that has been manufacturing high-quality mattresses since 1931. Go through the different products they have and check the product details before deciding what you want to purchase. This helps you make a better decision when choosing what you like. Their best selling collections include Perfect Sleeper and iComfort Lines. They include hybrid and innerspring mattresses. If you love the memory foam, they also have it. The hybrid queen-size mattresses from their top-selling iComfort collection retail at $1099, while the foam mattress goes for $1199. They have an ongoing $200 discount on the iComfort mattresses. Check their promotion pages regularly so that you don’t miss any hot deals they might have.

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